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  • Rubber Conveyor Belts

    Rubber conveyor belts, smooth or with profiles in different drawings, for the transport of bulk materials on flat or sloping paths.
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  • Metallic Conveyors

    Rollers Conveyors with permanent lubrication rollers, designed to operate even in bad environmental conditions.
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  • Elevator Belts

    Special belts for elevators or sloping conveyors that imply vertical transport of materials, specifically designed with grooves and friction factors.
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Sloping Conveyors

Siatec Makes Transportation Belts For Many Different Industries

Rubber Conveyer Belts

The abrasion resistant conveyor belts are durable. They are made from polymer compounds. This transportation belt is designed for transporting sharp or abrasive materials. These belts hold up well in all types of weather. There are honeycomb belts made with styrenic polymer compounds. The surface of the belt makes it easy to transport boxes, bags, and different shaped objects. These belts are resistant to moisture and all types weather. Their stiff composition means they lie perfectly flat when transporting materials. Belts with herringbone design are made to transport materials on a sloping surfaces. These belts are oil resistant, heat, and cut resistant.

Metal Belts and PCV Belts

Siatec makes metal transportation belts for industry too. They have the CR Break type that has a metal insert that cannot be cut. It is designed for transporting sharp and abrasive products. The mesh and amarid warp materials protect the belt from cuts during transport. It comes in different thicknesses depending on the load size. PCV conveyor belts are made for inclined transportation, and side skirts. They come in variety of sizes and are resistant to abrasion and oils. Siatec has many different types of belts designed for many different industries and their specific needs.

Elevator Belts

The elevator belts are transportation belts for vertical and light transportation. Black rubber elevator belts are made to stretch better and hold bolts more securely. They are designed to reduce friction and are used in elevators and the food industry. PCV belts are designed for light transportation as an alternative to rubber belts. They come with oil resistant antistatic, and flame resistant features. White rubber food grade elevator belts are used for vertical transportation of food industry products. They are designed to stretch and reduce friction. They are made with anti static and flame resistant materials. Siatec make many belts for the food, steel, recycling, airports, quarries and other industries.