The Siatec company presents all the applications of its products.
Each sector has a specific solution to meet the needs of our customers.

Siatec offers conveyor belts dedicated to the transport of sand and gravel during extraction from quarries or mines.

Siatec conveyor belts for cement and brick works are of excellent quality and against abrasion.

Wood causes abrasion and risk of cutting. Conveyor belts dedicated to this sector are reinforced with metallic materials.

The chemical compositions of the waste are particularly aggressive for the materials. Siatec conveyor belts are anti-oil and anti-acid.

Food hygiene requires specific materials. Siatec creates its conveyor belts complies with all safety standards.

Conveyor belts for paper mills are dedicated to the distribution of loads and the absorption of deformations. They have a galvanized harmonic steel core.

Airport conveyor belts are fireproof and stainless steel to ensure the safety of your customers’ luggage.

The line of conveyor belts for agriculture is created so that it can transport heavy loads and abrasive and cutting materials.

The conveyor belts dedicated to the steel industry are heat-resistant and characteristic for vertical transport.

Glass is the cause of cutting and abrasion: Siatec conveyor belts are cut-resistant and oil-proof to guarantee safe transport.

Siatec offers all the solutions for the need to automate the interior of its customers’ companies.