Agriculture and feed mills

agricoltura e mangimifici

S.i.a.t.e.c. manufactures equipment for companies specializing in agricultural and feed production. Today, in fact, these realities need first level machinery, built according to the latest European regulations and with top quality materials.

All S.i.a.t.e.c. proposals for agriculture applications and feed mills:

S.i.a.t.e.c. he personally takes care of the design and implementation of applications on agriculture and feed mills, ensuring continuous and always efficient processing at any time of the year.

  • Belts for hay packing machines: concerns specific machines for handling hay and bales with the possibility of customizing their width and length, according to the customer’s specific needs. Solid and resistant even to continuous production systems, they are guaranteed by S.i.a.t.e.c. for quality and prowess.
  • Belts for vertical mixer wagons: they are used for unloading vertical mixers, necessary for animal feed. Designed with high-tech systems, they are perfect for original equipment or for replacement. They are easily adaptable on latest generation or old production machines.
  • Belts for egg transport: produced in compliance with the European directive 1999/74 / EC, this type of belts is made of polypropylene, to prevent dirt from sticking to the fabric and humidity to penetrate it, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in all environments.
  • Anti-oil and anti-acid belts for manure discharge lines: these are special belts for elevators suitable for lifting products with a high fat content such as oils, fertilizer granules, oilseeds and fatty feed. Resistant to very low temperatures or even reaching 130 °, they have excellent resistance.
  • Belts for manure spreaders: necessary to move the mass of manure towards the spreading rollers and for the subsequent distribution of the substance on the area to be fertilized. They are made according to the most diverse production needs of the customer who together with the S.i.a.t.e.c. they establish their characteristics.