Inside airports, mechanics play a fundamental role, and with it ergonomics. An airport that boasts quality mechanical structures, in fact, is able to better manage the flows of tourists and passengers, while guaranteeing better baggage handling.

The airport facilities are specifically designed to speed up the huge flows of passengers traveling around the world. To do this, plants are designed with specific infrastructures such as conveyor belts. Our company deals with the realization of quality conveyor belts following the most recent airport safety regulations.

Among the products made in our factory we find the classic self-locking mechanical joints in stainless steel, essential for carrying out repairs in emergency situations, and the classic stain-resistant (as well as self-extinguishing) honeycomb conveyor belts, useful for managing at best the luggage transport lines.

Mechanical joints assume an essential importance in the field of safety: thanks to their particular composition in stainless steel, in fact, they are able to exceptionally resist tensile forces, making them perfect for application on conveyor belts and the like. As regards the conveyors, however, we are committed to designing particular honeycomb structures, ideal for easily resisting the weight of luggage and suitcases placed along the horizontal axis of the conveyors themselves.