Cement works and bricks

S.i.a.t.e.c. builds and distributes machinery and accessories of robustness and efficient operation with applications on cement and bricks, or the sector that deals with engineering trashed materials for the construction of buildings and road structures through the use of elements such as cement and bricks.

The products offered by S.i.a.t.e.c. for this industrial sector are:

  • Conveyors with anti-packaging surface for clay: these conveyor belts are designed specifically for the transport of clay materials and allow them to be moved without damaging them or forming lumps.
  • Anti-heat and anti-abrasive belts with oversized covers specific for the transport of Clinker: this type of conveyor belt allows you to move large quantities of Clinker, which is a very resistant and waterproof material that is obtained by cooking cement and additives at high temperatures.
  • Fishbone belts for bagging lines: the rubber of these conveyor belts has a fishbone shape which allows the transport system to effectively keep the materials in position during transport, ensuring better grip compared to the smooth rubber conveyor belts .
  • Specific cleaning systems and scrapers: these products are designed for the correct maintenance of conveyor belts where there is the need to keep surfaces and components clean to ensure correct operation.
  • Bibs and rubber scrapers: the rubber scrapers are versatile products that can be used with any type of conveyor belt made of a highly resistant rubbery polymer that guarantees their reusability