S.i.a.t.e.c. builds and distributes machinery and accessories of robustness and efficient operation with applications on Glassworks, or the sector that deals with processing raw materials for the production of glass and its derivatives, to be used for the construction of fixtures such as windows, windows and containment plates .

The products offered by S.i.a.t.e.c. for this industrial sector are:

  • Conveyors with anti-cut metal inserts with covers with high resistance to abrasion and oils: this type of conveyor belts allows the transport of glass and other cutting materials in total safety without damaging the material transfer system; they also offer high thermal resistance to prevent any residual oils from affecting the materials and the structure.
  • Oil and heat resistant belts: these conveyor belts are designed for use in glass production environments, where temperatures reach very high intensities and where the glass melting process can generate oily waste potentially harmful to mechanical structures.
  • Belts for iron removers and eddy current separators of non-ferrous metals: these conveyor belts allow you to collect and separate (before and after melting) any ferrous residues that ould damage the glass products.
  • Cleaning systems and specific scrapers: these products are designed for the correct maintenance of conveyor belts where there is the need to keep surfaces and components clean to ensure correct operation.