Internal movements

Movimentazioni interne

S.i.a.t.e.c. company distributes machinery and accessories with strong robustness and efficient operation with applications on internal handling, i.e. the macro-sector of other companies or businesses that need transport systems such as conveyor belts for moving, storing and selecting products of different types.

The products offered by S.i.a.t.e.c. for this industrial sector are:

  • Rollers for idle or motorized roller conveyors: the rollers are one of the key components of the conveyor belts together with the rubber belt which, in order to allow correct operation of the entire machinery, must have a solid and long-lasting construction.
  • Polyurethane heat-sealable belts: the belts that serve for the correct rotation of rollers can be welded to the structure through the use of high temperatures to allow a correct functioning of the transport system.
  • Belts for conveyor lines: key elements to generate the movement that allows the operation of the conveyor belt, the belts are available in different materials and sizes.
  • PVC and polyurethane belts: the conveyor belts are often built with very resistant materials such as polyurethane, a polymer that guarantees excellent adherence of the products and resistance even in the least favorable conditions.
  • Plastic sheets for details: the plastic sheets are perfect for storing products or as a base for the transition between different transport systems.
  • Specific rubber and polyurethane coatings for rollers: the roller coatings allow to extend the life of the machinery and its efficiency by avoiding the contact of the rollers with harmful or corrosive substances.