Paper mills


S.i.a.t.e.c. and applications on paper mills

The making of paper is a long and complex process, which requires not only the use of highly qualified personnel, but also the use of industrial machinery of a certain quality. The paper, in fact, can be conceived exclusively through the use of suitable machinery, specially designed for woodworking (from which, of course, the paper material will be produced).

We at S.i.a.t.e.c., although not operating directly in the field of paper production, we take care of creating conveyor belts for paper mills to be used in this sector.


Our products for the paper industry

The conception of our conveyor belts takes place through the use of specific materials, chosen from our large and varied warehouse. Our commitment translates into the conception of various and different products: this is the case of rollers for idle or motorized roller conveyors, which are fundamental to guarantee the correct mobility of the conveyor belts; or belts for the transport lines of the processed materials, used to slide the lines without running into mechanical problems.

In addition to all this, we also produce belts with a steel cord core and vulcanized coatings: the belts are essential for moving the reels of the conveyor belts, while the coatings have a fundamental importance for the drums engaged in the dragging operations. We also deal with the production of heat-sealable polyurethane belts, to be used to drive the roller conveyors or other sophisticated industrial machinery.