Production of wood panels

Produzione pannelli di legno

Wooden panels production must be capable of being designed according to specific safety regulations. Wood, in fact, is an extremely delicate material, and for this reason it requires an adequate treatment that passes from the use of equally reliable tools.

S.i.a.t.e.c., in this particular perspective, creates conveyor belts suitable for any type of woodworking. Our conveyor belts are characterized by the exceptional quality of the materials that compose them, a quality that, in fact, is associated with a solid and stable structure.

We deal first of all with conveyor belts for shredders, useful for working wood in detail; we also conceive the simple transmission belts, essential to guarantee the horizontal sliding of the belts, and the complex belts with double anti-cut reinforcement. The belts in question are characterized by the ability to withstand vertical forces more, but to do this they must be able to boast, in fact, a double reinforced layer. Finally, we also produce belts for iron removers (also reinforced by the presence of an anti-cut insert) and supergrip coatings for pliers, forklifts and reels, capable of exerting an exceptional level of friction towards the products placed along their surfaces.

Having quality conveyor belts means taking advantage of the competition: a factory that boasts better quality conveyor belts and mechanical instruments will in fact achieve more satisfactory production results, significantly increasing its reputation for its target audience.