Quarries and mines

Applicazioni su cave e miniere

S.i.a.t.e.c. produces high quality objects such as applications on quarries and mines, that is to say that particular commercial sector in which the companies specialized in the extraction, thanks to the help of advanced machinery, set themselves the goal of obtaining minerals through the operations of excavation and transport of the extracted material.


The specific products that are used in applications on quarries and mines are all designed by S.i.a.t.e.c. to ensure the continuous operation of the plants.

  • Conveyors with anti-cut metal inserts: these are conveyors that are built with an internal reinforcement, characterized by a protective mesh with a metallic texture, which allows you to transport cutting and abrasive materials typical of the extractive sector, without the conveyor being able to cut.

In addition, with the covers of the conveyors, oil-resistant and anti-abrasive, an excellent yield is guaranteed in the transport of materials.

  • Impact absorption rollers: elements of the belt conveyors that with a special lubrication for extreme temperatures, reduce impacts and guarantee the transport of the material in not particularly favorable environmental conditions. Perfect for use in sectors such as mines and quarries.
  • Self-cleaning spiral rollers: rollers made of both iron and stainless steel that are used in belts that transport viscous materials, act on the dirty side of the belt with a cleaning action reducing the deposit of the material, ensuring a cleaner system.
  • Impact barrels for loading cradles: specially made of rubber and capable of resisting and absorbing material falls with great capacity, avoiding damage to the belt. These devices are used in excavations characterized by large quantities of extracted material.
  • Wear-resistant coatings for the hoppers of the channels and the discharge ports: made of anti-abrasive rubber, elastomeric polyurethane and 1000 polyzene, ensuring resistance to wear. This type of coatings can be available in different thicknesses and are used in workshops or mining plants.
  • Coating of the hydrocyclone cones: made with a special rubberized sheet that covers the parts subject to wear and corrosion, they are completed for plants characterized by the need to transport highly abrasive material.
  • Wheel coverings for rotating screens: made of rubber, steel and polyurethane compounds for screens that are used in long transport operations inside quarries and mines.

For over thirty years S.i.a.t.e.c. offers advice and support to its customers, providing 24-hour technical assistance in emergencies, scheduled maintenance, technical advice always available for any request and availability of spare parts in a very short time.