Steel industry


S.i.a.t.e.c. produces a large quantity of products in the steel industry. Through them you can speed up the production of your company / activity and make it safer, thanks to the high quality of its conveyor belts.

Specific products relating to the steel industry are all produced by S.i.a.t.e.c .:

  • Belts with edges and cups for vertical ferro-alloy conveyors: they are particular belts which, thanks to the raised edge, are particularly suitable for medium-heavy industry;
  • Heat resistant conveyors with resistances above 200 ° C: these conveyors are made in such a way as to limit their damage in case of high temperatures: this is possible thanks to a special cover that protects the core of the conveyor from heat sources;
  • Specific cleaning systems and scrapers: they keep the belt clean and at the same time safer, making the belt systems more productive;
  • Specific coatings for drums: allow the metal parts of the belt to be protected from wear and tear caused by the passage of fluids and aggregates. The coating is made by using red natural para;
  • Idle rollers: for idle roller conveyor belt we mean a series of rollers supported by a main structure, whose handling of the packages takes place thanks to the force of gravity or by means of a thrust.