Waste and Recycling

rifiuti e riciclaggio

S.i.a.t.e.c. manufactures products for the waste and recycling sector, that is, for all the recovery of useful materials, so that they can be reused. The company supplies state-of-the-art and latest generation machinery, necessary for the reduction of the consumption of raw materials, and to guarantee greater environmental sustainability.

Products available for waste management and recycling applications:

Oil-resistant sliding belts for manual sorting: these are conveyor belts that allow you to manually remove the material from the moving belt. There is a rubber coating on the upper part, which guarantees excellent resistance to potentially harmful chemical effects, due to the transport of material with the presence of oil. It is not equipped with a lower rubber cover, to minimize friction on the sliding surface.

Belts with oil-proof herringbone profile: conveyor belts designed for the transport of materials of various sizes on slopes. Upper rubber coating present again, for the same purposes as the sliding belts. In the upper cover there are herringbone strips, which allow you to reach various inclinations.

Belts for iron removers and eddy current separators of non-ferrous metals: they have the purpose of recovering the non-ferrous metal fraction present in the flow of material flowing on the belt, through a magnetic field generated on the head roller.

Specific cleaning systems and scrapers: these are high quality belt cleaning systems, necessary for optimal plant efficiency. The primary or secondary scrapers are in polyurethane or tungsten carbide.

Belts for shredders, compactors, heaps and mobile screen revolvers: conveyor belts that can be used for various machines.