Siatec company specialized in the design of conveyor belts, offers a wide range of customizable products, from rubber or PVC belts to any accessories, going to meet whatever the customer’s needs are.

Conveyor belts made of rubber, used for the transport of bulk and packaged materials.

Conveyor belts designed for the inclined transport of large materials.

Pvc-pu-polyolefin tapes designed to transport materials, such as packs or cartons, preferably in a flat position.

Metal belts, created to resist chemical agents, are used for the transport of materials from chemical, pharmaceutical but also food industries.

Nastri elevatori utilizzati in diversi settori industriali per trasporto, inclinato, di materiali sfusi.

The cr born belts are designed with wavy edges to transport bulk materials to different slopes.

Hot or cold rubber coatings of all kinds with different quality compounds.

Realization of technical articles to support the conveyor belts to satisfy every need.

Supply of accessories necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the performance of the conveyor belts.