Cr Break metal anticut insert conveyors

Cr Break metal anticut insert conveyors

These conveyors arise from the need to carry sharp or strongly abrasive materials.

Technical Specifications

A metal textured and aramid warp protective net is inserted into the carrier cover that preserves the conveyor from longitudinal cuts.

The brass steel cables can be 1.35mm in diameter in the case of the BF125 break up to the 1.8mm diameter of the BR315 break.

For better drag performance of the tape and also preserved from cross cuts, our break is specially produced with 10-degree inclined cables and not orthogonal at the edge.

This is to prevent the conveyor from cutting across the space between cables.

Available in multiple load configurations and roof thicknesses, they are packaged at covered edges.

The covers of these conveyors are grade Y anti-oil or grade X super anti-brasive for maximum safety of use in any application.

The conveyors are made according to the tolerance criteria of DIN 22102.

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