CR Metal SC steelcord conveyors

CR Metal SC steelcord conveyors

The CR Metal SC steelcored conveyors have the tractor core composed of galvanized harmonic steel cables side by side inserted into a rubber layer.

Technical Specifications

This structure is essential for the necessary distribution of loads, the absorption of deformations, the duration and sealing of the joints.

The covers and heels of the edges are then made with the mix more suitable for the type of transport required.

The loading classes of CR METAL conveyors are standardized to allow full compatibility on existing installations and with the execution of junctions of a length proportionate to the workload.

The main peculiarity of these conveyors is the very small stretching in the work, in the order of 0.2% of the length of the conveyor, which makes them suitable for use on intersections of kilometer order, with heights of hundreds of meters and multiple motor groups in peripheral voltages of the conveyor.

These conveyors are made according to the tolerance criteria of DIN 22131.

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