Cr SPIN series herringbone profile ribbons

Cr SPIN series herringbone profile ribbons

Per il trasporto di materiale sfuso in pendenza sono stati sviluppati i nastri della serie CR SPIN.

Technical Specifications

These tapes are characterized by a “herringbone” profile with an open vertex integrated into the carrier’s cover.

With regard to the technical characteristics of the compounds and the transent nucleus, they correspond to the smooth tape base that is intended to be used for the packaging, with the integration in the production phase of the profile made with the same compound.

This means that we can have anti-oil barbed ribbons, anti-oil, anti-carving, etc.

The standard “V” profile size is based on mm.20 x mm.15 height, but we can make custom molds to get any type of profile.

The standard allows you to carry the material with slopes of up to 28 degrees depending on the size and speed of the tape.

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