Iron, stainless steel and fluoropolymer rollers

Iron, stainless steel and fluoropolymer rollers

Permanently lubricated rollers for belt conveyors of general use, for loose products operating in bad environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications

Tube in raw steel, galvanized, in stainless steel AISI 304 and in Fluoropolymer.

Heads keyed into the press to form a single body, without sharp edges, with the tube.

Triple labyrinth protections with grease reserve in NYLON PA66 inserted in a galvanized steel casing.

2RSH bearings lubricated with 75% grease suitable for use with temperatures of -10 ° C

On request it is possible to carry out non-standard executions such as:

  • hot dip galvanized pipe
  • protrusion of axes and keys not standardized
  • threaded or tapped axis
  • V-ring seals
  • special lubrication for extreme temperatures

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