LIFT Black rubber lift conveyor

LIFT Black rubber lift conveyor

Lift conveyors are used in the case of applications that require vertical transport of the material.

Technical Specifications

Strutturalmente costruiti con gli stessi tessuti e mescole dei nastri trasportatori, hanno il nucleo rinforzato in ordito ed a trama rigida per contenere gli allungamenti e trattenere meglio i bulloni di fissaggio delle tazze.

The covers are generally of reduced thickness and asymmetrical, with the contact part of the drum thicker.

This is to encourage the sinking of the bolt head avoiding annoying overspends and to offer greater resistance in the case of drum friction (engine drum slippage) at startup.

The LIFT range includes all elevators made with black rubber mixes.

The choice of the mix according to the specific application, will be indicated by the suffix of the transporter equivalent: LIFT OR (anti-oil); LIFT CR (antiabrasive); LIFT HR-HTR (anti-tank); LIFT EX (atex).

The conveyors are made according to the tolerance criteria of DIN 22102.

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