Mechanical joints

Mechanical joints

We have a wide range of Minet production mechanical joints in stock.

Technical Specifications

 The range includes:

  • Galvanized joints with copper nails fastened
  • Stainless joints with fastening by copper nails or passing stainless bolts
  • Galvanized Goro V6-type joints with self-lock fixing
  • Stainless joints type Titan T1, T2 with self-lock fixation
  • PVC-PU self-lock tape joints or nailed Airport
  • Plastic joint cables, harmonic steel or stranded rope

We can carry out the application in the workshop or directly in operation.

A richiesta possiamo fornire direttamente al cliente le giunzioni in scatola, con relativi chiodi in rame o con

the self-lock machine.

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