Polyolefins conveyors

Polyolefins conveyors

Our wide range of conveyor belts can be enriched by the addition of various PVC or polyurethane profiles.


Our wide range of conveyor belts, which can already meet various problems, can be enriched by the addition of various PVC or polyurethane profiles, which complement some requirements such as inclined transport, lateral containment of the product, tape centering, etc…

They are of different sizes, flexible, resistant to abrasion and oils; on demand, for minimum quantities of production, we can increase or decrease their hardness and consistency, to meet some particular problems.

All profiles are welded at high frequency with modern equipment.

The choice of profile and its arrangement depends on the needs of transport and the possibilities of applications are countless.


  • Choose the conveyor accurately based on an appropriate diameter of the rollers.
  • Always remember that thermoplastic tapes (PVC and PU) stiffen considerably in the cold, so it is not appropriate to use them with temperatures below 2-3 C degrees.
  • PVC profiles cannot be applied to polyurethane conveyors.
  • Applications of very high or large profiles are recommended on conveyors of minimum thickness 2.8 mm.
  • Profiles are available in white and green.
  • High-frequency profiles cannot be applied on antistatic conveyors.
  • The minimum diameters reported in our datasheets, are calculated according to the type of junction and application of profiles made at our laboratory.

All detailed technical information is contained in our general catalog.

Our technical staff is available for any need.

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