Striping ribbons CR FLAT series

Striping ribbons CR FLAT series

These tapes, made from SBR styroenic polymer-based mixtures, are suitable for medium-high workloads.

Technical Specifications

The mechanical characteristics of the rubber carrier cover and the particular internal canvas configuration of crawling with low shaving friction coefficient, make the tape an excellent alternative to the traditional plastomer tapes (PVC and polyurethnes) under particularly heavy conditions of use.

Suitable for the transport of abrasive and sharp materials even of large size, they are not resistant to oils and chemicals in large concentrations.

They can be used in a temperature range of between -20°C and 80°C, they are not affected by the weather and are well resistant to humidity.

The rigid texture structure of the tractor core gives the tape an excellent flatness and an excellent linearity of travel.

The tapes are made according to the tolerance criteria of DIN 22102

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