Wavy edges conveyors and CR Bord cups

Wavy edges conveyors and CR Bord cups

Wavy edges conveyors and CR Bord born from the need to carry bulk materials with slope changes of up to 90 degrees.

Technical Specifications

CR BORD consists of a base conveyor that has specific corrugated side containment edges and cross-cutting laths that create the transport structure.

The appropriate choice of each component is crucial for the proper functioning of the conveyor:

Choice of the base conveyor:

The main characteristic of a conveyor to be used as a basis for the construction of a CRBORD is transverse rigidity. This is to prevent the belt from embarking in the slope change areas where it folds out or in the return section where it is supported laterally resting on the upper base of the wavy edges.

Choice of covers:

The base belt, generally with non-abrasive SBR compound, can be made with a different covering compound to adapt to any specific need.

Choice of edges and strips:

It occurs according to the grain size, geometry and dimensions of the material transported. On request, the edges and transverse strips can also be produced with the same compound as the base conveyor to obtain the best possible performance. The strips are also fixed to the corrugated edge with special plastic bushings, to ensure maximum structural stability.

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