Accessories for conveyor belts

What are accessories for conveyor belts?

The accessories for conveyor belts are indispensable for optimizing the transport operations on the belt, they are mainly spare parts and accessories for updating the machines, also designed to minimize wear damage.

Conveyor belts have a life very subject to fatigue and the installation of accessories and the repair of minor damages can significantly lengthen it.

Types of accessories

In this category we find: impact bars, bibs, mechanical joints, polyzene sheets, repair material, molded parts, scrapers and heat-sealable polyurethane belts. All accessories are tested for use in harsh environments and with constant mechanical stress.


All these accessories and complements are used for updating the wear parts of the conveyor belt machines and for repairing more or less serious damage to the consumables.

Not infrequently, the use of accessories for machines or repairs prolongs the useful life of a plant and minimizes the stall phases linked to extraordinary maintenance.

These are accessories designed for the use of any type of conveyor belt for waste and recycling, since they are products in special rubbers.

The products are also suitable for installation on conveyor belts operating in light and medium extractive industries.

For over thirty years, Siatec has offered advice and support to its customers, providing 24-hour technical assistance in emergencies, scheduled maintenance, technical advice always available for any request and availability of spare parts in a very short time.


We are a partner of the official distributor for IMBI products for Italy. Technical Specifications These are cleaning systems of great build quality

Molded Details

Our internal mechanical workshop makes compression, customer-designed or development molds for pressure volcanization of rubber details.

Repair Materials

We have a wide range of products to repair or join hot or cold conveyor belts. Technical Specifications Our production program includes: 4/10

Polizene sheets

We have 300, 500 or 1000 green polyzene slabs, 1000 x mm. 2000 in mm thicknesses. 2 to mm. 50. TECHICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Mechanical joints

We have a wide range of Minet production mechanical joints in stock. Technical Specifications  The range includes: Galvanized joints with copper nails fastened

Polyurethane heat-sealable belts

We have a wide range of polyurethane heat-sealable belts Technical Specifications Smooth or wrinkled round section in various diameters Trapeze section according to


Made with NR mixes, they are used for lateral containment of the product conveyed by the conveyor. Technical Specifications The special characteristics of

Impact steel bar

We have a large warehouse of impact-absorbing steel bar. Technical Specifications They are made of high-shock absorption rubber with a high molecular weight