CR Bord conveyors

Striped rubber conveyor belts

Siatec is the company that deals with producing and marketing strip rubber conveyor belts, born from the passion of a craftsman in the rubber sector. His thirty-year specialization in this characteristic area led him to the decision to transform his production into a qualified industry.

Siatec offers various types of strip conveyor belts on the market that are used for the transport of goods and materials that are moved in disorder, without wrapping and on very steep slopes.

Herringbone conveyor belts

Conveyor belts with a “herringbone” profile, CR SPIN have a surface reminiscent of the typical herringbone, different types are made for the treatment of products for both food and industrial use, including: herringbone conveyor belts anti oil, anti cut and anti limestone.

They can transport materials at a slope of twenty eight degrees.

Multiple plug conveyor belts

The multi-pin conveyor belts, “FISHBONE” type, are the result of specific studies for the identification of a particular structure as their use is intended for the conveyance of powders on a homogeneous belt with a very high slope , sand, breach and similar.

The use of these belts is mainly aimed at quarries, mines, companies that deal with construction.

Conveyor belts with staggered plug

The belts of the CR Recycling series have been specifically designed for the daily transport of the material foreseen in the separate collection.

They are conveyor belts with staggered pins, made with adequate technical characteristics to accommodate large loads; there are different sizes available with regard to the width, it is also possible to customize the base tape.

Tapes for mixer wagons

Suitable for the transport and movement of feed and food products for animals, are the belts for mixing wagons of the CR Feeder series.

The belts can be installed on any machinery, including mixers with vertical discharge, already in use.

For over thirty years, Siatec has offered advice and support to its customers, providing 24-hour technical assistance in emergencies, scheduled maintenance, technical advice always available for any request and availability of spare parts in a very short time.