Elevator Belts

Elevator belts

Lifting belts are a type of conveyor belt ideal for moving material vertically.

What are Lifting Belts for and how are they made?

The structure of these belts is made up of the same fabrics and blends as the conveyor belt. This particular combination of materials exploits the elasticity of the tape; but what guarantees a firm structure and a good adherence of the fixing bolts of the cups is the reinforced core in the warp and with a rigid weft.

Where a transport method that develops vertically is required, the lifting belt is the ideal solution: it allows you to speed up work and move large masses of materials, easily and in a short time.

Siatec offers three types of elevator belt, each designed and developed to meet the customer’s needs.

What are Siatec elevator belts?

Siatec has developed a series of tapes:

LIFT in black rubber: they are highly resistant and dedicated to medium-heavy material;

LIFT FDA in white food rubber: these tapes are specifically dedicated to the food sector.

PV-PVB or PVC: they are lifting belts for light movements and that take place indoors.


What are the applications?

These belts find application in various industrial fields: from food production to the handling of finished goods. The flexibility of application of the lifting belts makes them an optimal solution to vertical displacement problems.

For over thirty years, Siatec has been accompanying the customer through the decision-making process, providing advice and support in case of need, 24/7 technical assistance, scheduled maintenance and spare parts supply in a short time. All this to guarantee a complete and optimal service to those who use our products.

PV-PVB seires lift conveyors

PV-PVB series pvc Lift Conveyors are an alternative to rubber conveyors in light transport. Technical Specifications They are available in the anti-oil, white

LIFT Black rubber lift conveyor

Lift conveyors are used in the case of applications that require vertical transport of the material. Technical Specifications Strutturalmente costruiti con gli stessi