Metallic conveyors

What are Metal Conveyors

There are many conveyors that some companies are able to offer to customers in order to carry out particularly delicate operations such as metal conveyors.

Metal belts are specific industrial products that have excellent thermal conductivity, good reflection and moreover these types of belts are very resistant to chemical agents.

These metal conveyors have a protective barrier against radiation, humidity and perforations, moreover these materials can be available in various formats to meet various needs.

Which ones are they?

Siatec is a company specialized in the production of metal strips and has a wide range:

Conveyors with CR Break metal cut-in insert, or metal conveyors used to transport sharp and highly abrasive materials;

CR Metal IW steelcord belts, these metal belts can be adapted adequately to travel on backhoe stations with fairly high concavities: this type of belt is very resistant to traction and compression deformation as well as to longitudinal cuts;

CR Metal SC steelcord belts, this type of belts, on the other hand, has the pulling core characterized by galvanized harmonic steel cables next to each other which are inserted inside a layer of rubber.

This type of belt is fundamental for the necessary distribution of loads, the absorption of deformations, the duration and the tightness of the joints.

What is the main use of Metal Conveyors

The use of these belts can range, in fact these are used as specific products for:

  • the mining extraction sector;
  • the plants;
  • the glassworks;
  • the recycling and waste disposal sector;
  • paper mills;
  • the airport sector;
  • the agricultural sector;
  • the steel sector.

For over thirty years Siatec has been offering consultancy and support to its customers, providing 24-hour technical assistance, scheduled maintenance and availability of spare parts in a very short time. In choosing the best profile, our technical team will be able to advise in order to devise the solution that best suits the needs shown.

CR Metal SC steelcord conveyors

The CR Metal SC steelcored conveyors have the tractor core composed of galvanized harmonic steel cables side by side inserted into a rubber

Cr Metal IW steelcord conveyors

The CR METAL IW series conveyors improve the strength characteristics of CR METAL SC conveyors, in the presence of strong material impact stresses