PU-Linatex rubber coatings

PU-Linatex rubber coatings

To improve the performance of the systems present within a production process, PU-Linatex rubber coatings are made of by-products for external surfaces or finishes.

Among the materials most used for coatings we find: rubber, polyurethane and linatex.

In certain production processes, rubber coatings, which can be made with different compounds, are applied to by-products to make them more resistant to any chemical, atmospheric agents or to cutting and harmful materials in the production process.

Polyurethane, PU, ​​is a resistant, insulating material that can be integrated with other types of materials. It is also suitable for coating the surfaces of by-products which are subjected to continuous stresses, guaranteeing excellent protection and significantly reducing maintenance operations on the installations.

Finally, another material suitable for the protective coatings of by-products is Linatex, a 95% natural rubber with high abrasion resistance, high friction coefficient and wear resistance.

Types and use of by-products which have a PU-Linatex rubber coating

There are different types of by-products that can be completed with the addition of a coating or PU-Linatex rubber cover.

Among these, we find:

  • drums
  • hoppers;
  • hydrocyclones;
  • wheels of the rotating screens;
  • sheets and parts on drawing.


Drums are also large cylinders, covered with an entirely rubber external coating and applied to conveyor belts, which serve to slide different materials destined to undergo different production processes.

They can be used in different industrial sectors, including: the food, agriculture, mechanical and waste sectors.


Hoppers have a cylinder shape positioned vertically or an inverted cone and placed on the ground.

They are used for unloading materials, previously processed, coming from above that fall down to other machinery, for subsequent and different processing in the same production process.

Their use is necessary to facilitate the handling and unloading of materials or products, in different production sectors of modern industry.


Hydrocyclones are special machines used to filter and then clean the processed materials, from possible liquid and chemical waste from each process, with the function of separating them adequately.

Useful to prevent processing waste from being mixed with materials, to be processed and transformed into finished products, favoring good industrial or artisanal production.

They can be used in a particular way in the agricultural, water and craft industries.

Rotating screen wheels

Rotating screens wheels are components of a machine that is used for the separation of materials or products with different characteristics and dimensions.

Their rotary function is useful for separating different materials or even of the same type, but with different dimensions and characteristics, which will come out from different parts of the rotating screens and then move on to a subsequent processing within the same production cycle.

Rotating screens are used in the disposal and recycling of solid urban waste.

Sheet metal and design details

Sheet metal is a very resistant material that can have external finishes in PU-Linatex rubber. It is used in the metal structural work sector, to create steel or metal structural work products, and in the construction of vehicles.

Finally there are the details on drawing, which are decorations made with finishes or external covers in PU-Linatex rubber, designed in a personalized way according to the customer’s requests and needs.

Their use takes place in the industrial sectors and in the metal structural work sector.

Pu-linatex rubber coatings

Pu-linatex rubber coatings of all these components allow an increase in the useful life of the products which in their normal use are daily exposed to wear and tear and phenomena that compromise their functioning.

The Siatec technical team will offer advice and support to customers interested in receiving detailed information on the PU-Linatex rubber coatings that best suit their needs.

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