Technical Items

Technical articles for conveyor belts


Conveyor belts are widely used for the handling of loose goods and other inert materials. They are used in various industrial sectors such as in waste transport and in mining or food processing.


For over 30 years SIATEC has been dealing with the design of conveyor belts adapted to the needs of its customers, offering today seven different categories of products with different uses:


What are the conveyor belts and what are they for

  • Smooth rubber conveyor belts: these belts are suitable for medium / high workloads, can be used for the transport of abrasive materials, can come into contact with hot or moderately oily materials and are dedicated to the mining extractive sector or for cement factories.
  • Striped rubber conveyor belts: these belts are recommended for the transport of inert materials on slopes up to a maximum of 28 °. These conveyor belts are used in the recycling and waste disposal sector.
  • PVC-PU-Polyolefin conveyors: they are used to enrich the basic range according to the different transport needs. These conveyor belts are made with stain-resistant materials for the transport of luggage at airports.
  • Metal belts: these belts are made for the transport of cutting or highly abrasive materials and are used in the production of wooden panels.
  • Lifting belts: these belts are used in the vertical transport of materials, they are present in the classic versions of anti-abrasive, oil-proof and heat-resistant material. They are used for example in the steel sector.
  • CR Bord belts: these belts are used for transport with 90 ° slope changes.
  • PU-Linatex rubber coatings: Siatec offers a range of hot or cold coatings for all types of drums.


SIATEC also deals with the production of technical items such as: anti-oil plates, anti-odor plates and anti-stain plates. They are dedicated to the food and accessories sector, such as bars, bibs and metal joints.


In addition to the design and production of its conveyor belts SIATEC offers its customers 24-hour technical assistance services, with rapid delivery of spare parts, a technical consultancy service and scheduled maintenance in order to keep all the products at their maximum efficiency and quality. .


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