The need to have immediate and effective replies is vital for the customer in emergencies, where the promptness of intervention results in reduced downtime of the plants, resulting in saving resources and reducing the number of extraordinary maintenance costs. For this reason, our company is structured to be able to respond to customer requests 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Managers and technical teams always available and the means equipped to leave in an emergency, make it possible to intervene in a very short time from the call, at any time this happens.

Scheduled maintenance.

Reducing downtime costs has always been the main goal of customers. Complex industrial realities, working continuously with short and sporadic technical stops, cannot afford to have unexpected plant stops.

From the careful analysis of the needs of customers, our company has introduced the offer of targeted preventive maintenance services of the plants with transporters.

Our great experience in the field allows us to assess the wear state of the plant by providing for the scheduled replacement of the component at risk, avoiding sudden breaks and minimizing downtime.

Technical Advice

Our 30-year experience in the industry and the specific training of our technical manager, allow us to be a valuable consultant for problem solving or development of new machines.

Our technical staff is at your disposal for any request.

Spare Parts Quick Delivery

In the headquarters of Polverara (PD) and in the local units of Ghisalba (BG) and Buttrio (UD), we have a large spare parts warehouse in ready delivery.

Ribbons, crazy rollers in the most used standard sizes, plastics, burrs and scrapers, immediately ready to be shipped.

In cases of extreme emergency we have an internal delivery service to any destination.